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About Dealers Resource Center

Dealers Resource Center is a full-service vehicle service contract provider headquartered in in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. We offer the highest quality extended service programs and claims services in the industry.  Dealer Resource Center is also known throughout the automotive industry for honoring our commitments and providing fair, friendly dealings with our clients.

That is because, for more than 20 years, our professionals have been committed to providing extraordinary customer service to dealers, agents, and vehicle owners in order to give them the reliable support, effective protections, and experienced assistance they need.

Our team of dedicated professionals includes:

  • Knowledgeable sales managers who can explain our various products and services and provide one-on-one training for dealers’ staff and agents
  • Experienced claims professionals who are focused on best-in-class claims processing, including timely claims disbursements for our dealer and agent clients.

Our programs are designed to help dealers increase their profits and promote customer retention while providing customers with maximum coverage at affordable rates. This makes Dealers Resource Center the best choice for your vehicle service contract needs.

To learn more about our partnering opportunities, products and services, contact us today by calling (855) 246-6700. To get a claim started with us, call (855) 248-5700.