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For more than two decades, Dealers Resource Center has been providing general agents with a comprehensive service contract program designed to promote customer loyalty and meet F&I needs. Our easy-to-understand (and train) program options give agents a range of affordable plans  that can deliver long-term security to their clients and enhance the vehicle ownership experience for the customer.

Agents who partner with us can benefit from our superior products and services.  Dealers Resource Center is dedicated to providing:

  • Solid underwriting and reliable insurance backing
  • Dependable administrative support services
  • Fast and fair claims processing
  • Excellent customer service and training for new agents
  • Online support solutions to satisfy agents’ business needs as soon as possible.

Our Products & Services

  • Basic Car Care coverage
  • Consumer Breakdown Protection Extended Service Contracts
  • GAP insurance
  • Coverage for pre-owned vehicles
  • Transferrable coverage
  • Superior claims processing & customer service.

All of the plans that Dealers Resource Center offers include:

  • Disappearing deductibles
  • 24-hour Worldwide Roadside Assistance
  • Car rental reimbursement
  • Seals & gasket coverage
  • Engine & cooling coverage
  • Transmission coverage
  • Drive axle coverage
  • Various optional coverages, including electrical, air conditioning, and limited commercial coverage

We have successfully partnered with thousands of agents throughout the nation and Dealers Resource Center is ready to start working with you! To learn more about our partnering opportunities, products, and services, contact us today by calling (855) 246-6700.

Existing agents can access our system here for additional service and assistance.