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Natalie Padgett: A deep dive into the automotive world and what lies ahead.

Dealers Resource Center agent Natalie Padgett works out of San Antonio, Texas. She has a large territory that not only consists of parts of Texas, but it also includes states as far east as South Carolina and as far west as Colorado. She recently sat down with Dealers Resource Center to discuss the current automotive market and what she sees happening in the future.

Dealers Resource Center: Tell us about your experience in the automotive world and what exactly you do for Dealers Resource Center?

Natalie Padgett: I have been in the automotive industry since 2015 and I have only worked for two companies helping dealerships and consumers achieve the best possible experience with vehicle sales and vehicle ownership. I have been with DRC for over a year and a half. By using servant leadership, I am responsible for ensuring our amazing Sales Team has all the tools and processes necessary for their success. I service and launch Accounts by working closely with Dealerships to maximize their customer service, provide training and ensure Dealership profits focusing on the specific goals of each Dealership. I am based out of Texas and have Dealerships here, but I also service Dealerships nationwide.

Dealers Resource Center: What attracted you to Dealers Resource Center and what are the things you like about working for DRC?

Natalie Padgett: The people and our vision! Dealers Resource Center was founded by Lee Kalamitsiotis over 25 years ago with a vision of serving the niche of higher mileage vehicles in the automotive industry. Today his sons, Deric and Mike are creating innovative solutions for the current automotive landscape which as we know is evolving and changing. They are able to provide Dealerships and customers with best-in-class products and now, our Business Solutions department including HR, Recruiting and IT solutions. That is what drew me to the company. I just love to be able to support Dealerships.

Dealers Resource Center: What are some of the key issues in the automotive industry not only in San Antonio and the entire state of Texas but as well as the rest of the country?

Natalie Padgett: Obviously, we have a seen a shake up in the global supply chain. So, where at one point we were seeing regional differences, now it is similar across the country. However, Texas is #2 in the nation among auto dealerships with over 15,000 used vehicle Dealerships. DRC is uniquely positioned to help these Dealerships. Of course, we help Dealerships across the country but with Texas having so many used Dealerships, that is a focus of mine – to get in front of those Dealerships to make sure they know about us, our products, and our Business Solutions team.

Dealers Resource Center: What does the future look like for you and for Dealers Resource Center?

Natalie Padgett: We are excited to be focusing not only our Business Solutions, but also our Best-in-Class products as well. We are now working on VSCs going 20 model years out. We’re going to be offering exclusionary consumer breakdown protection on vehicles with up to 216,000 odometer miles and Powertrain coverage on vehicles with up to 300,000 odometer miles, which is very exciting. I plan to be working closely with our Partners to ensure a successful launch of this program. I am so excited Dealers Resource Center is growing and we’re continuing to add new personnel and dealership groups. I think it is going to be a really great year and I am excited to be a part of this team!

Dealers Resource Center: What is one thing you hope to do on a personal level this year?

Natalie Padgett: I would really like to find a way to go watch the Green Bay Packers in London this fall.

Natalie Padgett Director of Business Development

Natalie Padgett

Director of Business Development