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Where should I take my vehicle for repairs?

For optimal service, it is recommended to have repairs completed at the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. If this is not feasible, please select a licensed repair facility of your choice.
Note: some service contracts waive your deductible if taken back to the dealer.

Do I have to receive authorization prior to repair?

YES. Failure to receive authorization prior to repair may result in nonpayment.

How do I receive authorization for repairs?

Prior to beginning repairs, you or the repair facility must contact Basic Car Care at 1-855-248-5700 (during regular business hour) to file a claim.

What happens after I file a claim?

A trained representative will review your service contract and repair facility findings. The representative may select to have a third party inspector review the vehicle. After all information is gathered, the representative will provide details on why the claim is approved or denied. Note: You may be required to show proof of maintenance records based on the manufactures recommendations.

What if my vehicle breaks down outside of operating hours?

Please call and leave a detailed message and a representative will call you back promptly during normal business hours. Note: Failure to receive authorization prior to repair may result in nonpayment.

What are your operating hours?

Basic Car Care business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm, CST. Basic Car Care is closed on national holidays.

What kind of records do I need for proof of maintenance?

Receipts for maintenance must include vehicle identification (VIN), year, make, and model and must show dates, mileage and services performed. Maintenance services must be performed in accordance with manufacturer requirements.

What if I perform the maintenance on myself?

If you perform maintenance on the vehicle yourself, you must keep a log showing the date, mileage ad type of maintenance service performed. You also must keep receipts for products purchased to perform the maintenance.

Do I have road side assistance and what does it cover?

Yes. All service contracts come with road side assistance covering: towing assistance, flat tire assistance, oil/fluid/water/fuel delivery service, battery assistance, and lock-out assistance. Please call 1-866-535-2959 for assistance.

Do I have vehicle rental coverage?

Yes. All service contracts come with rental vehicle reimbursement for vehicles with an authorized claim. Please see contact for details or call 1-855-248-5700 for details.

What is covered on my service contract?

Contract coverage vary based on the type of service contract purchased. Please reference section 2 “What this contract covers” section of your contract.

Is my service contract transferable?

Yes. If you sell your vehicle, the remaining coverage can be transferred to the new owner.

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