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“The day I brought home my purchased Mercedes for the first time was one of the fondest memories of my life. So you can imagine how distraught I was when my air conditioning failed 300 miles from home while I was vacationing with my family. I called Dealers Resource Center and not only did they find a local repair shop for me, but they helped expedite things very quickly to get me back on the road and vacationing with my family in no time.”

Rod S. – Jacksonville, FL.

As a service manager for over 25 years, I have had dealings with numerous service contract companies and insurance companies. Dealers Resource Center is by far the finest and most pleasurable to work with. Their friendly, courteous staff makes the claim process easy and painless. I recommend Dealers Resource Center to all of my service customers.”

Don S. – Saint Louis, MO.

When I was purchasing my vehicle and the salesman mentioned a service protection plan, my initial response was “thanks but no thanks”. But after he politely explained and showed me how extensive the list of coverage was, I was impressed enough to buy it. Well 3 years have passed and I think the warranty has more than paid for itself. I’m convinced I made the right decision!”

Aimee J. – Orlando, FL

I bought my BMW with the intentions that I would be keeping it for quite a few years. As luck would have it, a month later my car started to leak oil. That’s when my Dealers Resource Center, Basic Car Care protection kicked in and everything was repaired at no cost to me. Having that extra protection has been nothing but a good experience for me and my car!”

Ellie T. – Chesterfield, MO