Dealerships across the country know they need to integrate their daily operations systems to help them streamline the customers experience with the best products and systems available.

Products that require Integration systems can include connecting your smartphone, CTM, DMS, Service Drive or anything that is related to your automobile purchase or servicing.

Dealers Resource Center prides itself on being able to work with any system, product, or service with any dealership in the U.S. What’s more – we’re able to assist in the integration process!

Data Management System Integration

“Dealers Resource Center is capable of integrating with any menu provider or Data Management System,” explains Vice President of Operations, Mike Kalamitsiotis. “It is available for any Dealership. We can also help Dealerships with setting up a new DMS system or a new menu if they would like to make a change, or if they have current issues with their menu that they need adjusted or fixed.”

Another strength that we bring to the table is the number of options available within their purview.
Kalamitsiotis emphasized the importance of that for dealers.

Data Management Systems and F&I menus

“We also have deals with Data Management Systems and F&I menus. We can help an Independent dealership or lot access a menu with a DMS system,” Kalamitsiotis said. “That helps them internally with all things dealership related.”

The automotive industry moves quickly. Dealers Resource Center not only recognizes that but is always planning a step ahead to stay current and be prepared for whatever Integration systems may be coming next.

Dealers Resource Center has been successfully helping dealerships across the country address the challenge of systems Integration. Put our experience and expertise to work for your dealership or franchise. We’re dedicated to your success!