Live & Online Claims


Filing automotive claims can be a very daunting task for some dealerships. There can be a lot of time wasted simply holding for a Claims Adjuster. Dealers Resource Center has introduced online solutions to assist the process so that it is done more efficiently and effectively for all parties involved.

Time is Money

Vice President of Operations, Mike Kalamitsiotis, describes how the process works:

“Online claims can be submitted through our portal or through the Dealers Resource Center website,” Kalamitsiotis said. “As soon as that claim is submitted, a Claims Adjuster is automatically assigned to that claim, and they begin an adjudication within five minutes of that notification during regular business hours.”

In the Automotive Industry, time is money. Deals have been won and deals have been lost all due to how quickly their response rate is. Dealers Resource Center recognizes the importance of getting things done quickly.

Hold Times Under 30 Seconds!

“Online claims can help the store because their Service Writer does not have to sit on hold,” Kalamitsiotis says. “Now that’s not a big issue for Dealers Resource Center because our current hold time is under 30 seconds. If the Service Writer just wants to communicate via email or via online claim, it doesn’t tie up their time in the store. It helps them manage their time to be more effective in the service drive.”

Dealers Resource Center prides itself on how quickly we assist customers. President Deric Kalamitsiotis and his brother Mike are long time veterans in the industry. They know what is important to dealers.

Time really is money,” Mike says. “Simply stated, it is all about efficiency.”