Administrative Services At Your Finger Tips

Dealers Resource Center brings a wealth of experience to the table when it comes to administrative services for dealerships.

Dealers Resource Center was founded by experienced car people who know the ins and outs of the automotive agency. We know the business; we can answer dealer questions with confidence. And with our administrative support for dealerships, we can help you succeed behind the scenes too!

Car People Helping Car People

“We started Dealers Resource Center from the bottom up,” said Dealers Resource Center VP of Operations, Mike Kalamitsiotis. “We’re car people who design the systems for car people by car people. We can assist in setting up, converting, process setup as well as anything concerning administrative services for dealerships.”

Kalamitsiotis said there is a host of different services that Dealers Resource Center can supply to dealership agencies.

He also went on to explain the importance of the administrative support for dealerships that Dealers Resource Center brings to the table.

Groundbreaking Processes & Procedures

“Well, our processes and procedures are groundbreaking in the industry,” Kalamitsiotis says. “We can make your company more effective and streamlined with our processes and procedures.” Our administrative support services for dealerships will help you and your team up their game.

Training also plays a significant role and DRC helps with that too.

We train your current office staff in hiring additional office staff,” Kalamitsiotis said, “as well as Claims Adjusters and Customer Service Reps so that your company is more effective for your clients.”

What happens behind the scenes affects the people up front! Effective administrative services are integral to the success of an Automotive dealership. Dealers Resource Center looks forward to exploring your needs and helping you with our administrative services for dealerships.

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