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 Basic Car Care Coverage You Can Count On

Though not always deserved, both new and pre-owned vehicles have a reputation for breaking down after the warranty expires. But with Dealers Resource Center’s Basic Car Care protection plan, your customers never have to drive without coverage. This basic breakdown protection covers the most common mechanical failures so drivers can drive with confidence, knowing they have a solution if something goes wrong.

Dealers Resource Center Basic Car Care Plan

 Standard Coverage

ENGINE and COOLING covered components

  • Cylinder block
  • Cylinder head(s)
  • Turbocharger/Supercharger and their internal components
  • Timing Gears
  • Timing/Balance shaft chain, guides, tensioners, sprockets
    and cover (excluding timing belt)
  • Oil pan
  • Oil pump
  • Valve cover(s)
  • Waste gate
  • Radiator fan motor
  • Water pump and pulley
  • Fan clutch
  • Fan shroud
  • Engine coolant, oil and filter only in conjunction with covered Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Engine and Cooling Covered Components are covered up to a Cumulative total of $4,500

TRANSFER CASE covered components

  • Transfer case and its internal components
  • Transfer case fluid only in conjunction with covered Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Trans Case Covered Components are covered up to a
    Cumulative total of $2,000


  • Transmission and transaxle cases and their internal components
  • Torque converter
  • Vacuum modulator
  • Gear shift lever
  • Transmission fluid and filter only in conjunction with covered Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Transmission Covered Components are covered up to a Cumulative total of $3,000

DRIVE AXLE covered components

  • Final drive and axle housings and their internal
  • Axles
  • Axle shafts
  • Propeller shafts
  • Constant velocity joints
  • Universal joints
  • Yokes
  • Drive axle fluid only in conjunction with covered Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Drive Axle Covered Components are covered up to a Cumulative total of $1,500

Basic Car Care: Plus Coverage includes all components listed in Standard Coverage plus the following:

Electrical covered components

  • Starter motor
  • Starter motor drive
  • Starter motor solenoid
  • Alternator
  • Voltage regulator
  • Alternator pulley and mounting bracket
  • Electrical Covered Components are covered up to a Cumulative total of $1,500

Electrical covered components

  • Compressor
  • Accumulator/Dryer only in conjunction with
    compressor replacement
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Compressor clutch and coil
  • Compressor pulley and mounting bracket
  • Expansion valve
  • Orifice tube
  • Blower motor
  • Refrigerant and oil only in conjunction with covered Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Air Conditioning Covered Components are covered up to a Cumulative total of $1,500


You have specific duties that must be performed by YOU before WE will be liable for payment of claims under the terms of this Contract They include:


A. You MUST follow the instructions contained within Your Vehicle owners manual regarding proper operation and all maintenance services scheduled and/or recommended by Your Vehicle’s manufacturer. Your Vehicle manufacturer’s mileage recommendations will be considered the maximum allowable interval between service requirements.

B. You MUST retain Maintenance Records, as defined herein. If You perform maintenance on the Vehicle Yourself, You must maintain a log showing the date, mileage and type of maintenance service performed. You must also keep receipts for the purchase of the products used to perform the maintenance service (e.g., lubricants and filters).

C. In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown, You may be requested to provide all Maintenance Records proving that proper maintenance has been performed before a Mechanical Breakdown for certain components will be covered under this Contract, regardless of where or by whom maintenance is performed.

D. CAUTION: Failure to provide all requested Maintenance Records may cause denial of benefits under this Contract A Routine Maintenance and Repair Log is provided to assist You in recording the maintenance services performed on Your Vehicle, regardless of where or by whom the maintenance is performed. Refer to Your Vehicle manufacturer owners manual for all recommended maintenance services. If You do not have a Vehicle owner manual. You may either purchase one from a franchise dealer or You may contact Us and We will provide information to You regarding recommended maintenance service information, when it is available. Refer to the Contract of the conditions of coverage, exclusions and your duties the term of the Contract.

Products & Protection Plans

Avoid Costly Repairs

The BASIC CAR CARE  Protection plan provides coverage to various key mechanical and electrical components of your Pre-Owned vehicle. Coverage is available for Pre-Owned vehicles, and is transferable if you sell your vehicle before your plan expires providing added resale value.


Makes it Easy for You!

With our Basic Car Care protection plan you are covered no matter where you are! 

  • Repairs can be done at any licensed U.S. or Canadian repair facility
  • No limit to the number of claims and one deductible per visit
  • Enjoy additional savings up to 50% or more off manufacturer extended warranties

Coverage Benefits

Included with all plans

• Roadside Services
• Towing Assistance
• Fuel Delivery Service
• Flat Tire Assistance
• Battery Assistance
• Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service
• Lock-out Assistance

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Disclaimer: Brochure, website, and individual pages are only a guide. For detailed contract information please refer to the vehicle service contract.