Exception / Goodwill

Independent General Agents and Dealerships who offer extended automotive protection programs for pre-owned cars face a lot of challenges. The secondary automotive market is full of service programs that don’t follow through on the coverage they profess to offer. And convincing customers that Dealers Resource Center’s products are different, can be a hard sell. We understand! Your reputation and good-standing in your community are on the line!

 But We DO Have a Solution

Dealers Resource Center Business Solutions truly is different. We stand behind all of our automotive protections warranties. Our programs are the best on the market and our follow-through is why. But we go further than that. We put our money where our mouth is (or would if we were sitting across from your customers). We call it the Exception/Goodwill.

We’ve Got Your Back

When a customer who has purchased one of our many protection programs comes back to the dealership with the complaint that a Dealers Resource Center program did not provide the coverage they expected based on the contract they signed, we cover the difference. That’s right. We pay for the rest of the repair. That’s how sure we are of ourselves and our products.

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Our Exception/Goodwill exceeds the industry norm. To our knowledge, no one else offers this kind of guarantee. We understand that your reputation is literally your most valuable asset. We are a fixture in your community and, like it or not, bad news travels faster than good news! We never want a customer’s complaint – even if they are in the wrong – to damage your company’s good image.

Our Exception/Goodwill protects everyone involved, the dealership, the general agent, our reputation, and the customer’s bottom line. So you can hand our service contract to anyone from a salesman to a customer and tell them in good conscience that Dealers Resource Center will deliver on our promise.

We want you to get credit for the special consideration we extend to your client! It’s just good business. We know that. The team at Dealers Resource Center has been in the automotive industry for several generations. We know the business inside out, and it is our goal to set the bar for customer service. Happy customers return. Unhappy ones don’t. It’s that simple.

Want to know more about Dealers Resource Center Business Solutions  Exception/Goodwill and the services we offer? Contact us. Our team is dedicated to your success!