We Take The Worry Out Of Finding Talent

Recruiting takes time and can be a tedious process. Juggling advertising, interviews, and background checks in addition to your job responsibilities can be draining. Dealers Resource Center provides a comprehensive and thorough recruiting process which exceeds that of typical recruiting companies, ensuring you only receive the most qualified and competent candidates.

DRC manages the entire recruiting process. We specialize in identifying candidates for automotive dealership positions and will screen and present only the most qualified candidates for your consideration.

We recommend that any dealerships who do not have a streamlined hiring process in place should seek help from an outside recruiting source if they are struggling to hire.

Expert Screening Using Proven Strategies

“It’s important to have a step-by-step process in place from the very start of the interview process to the end, it’s all about the candidate experience.” Sturgess said. “One thing that sets us apart in our interview process is that we run a Management By Strength Personality Assessment on candidates once they reach the final interview stage. Candidates are asked to complete a short assessment, responding to workplace scenarios. We have found this tool to be extremely effective for staffing dealership personnel.”

Sturgess could not emphasize enough that a dealership needs to pay remarkably close attention to every step of the interview process so that they do not lose the candidate to a competitor.

Ready To Hire? We Help With That, Too!

“Once a hiring decision has been made, Dealers Resource Center can assist with everything,” Sturgess explained. “From background checks and drug screenings to providing guidance on an appropriate compensation package.”

The candidate experience has become a focal point in the hiring process. Candidates also need proper training and by using Dealers Resource Center ’s dealership services will allow the new hires to excel in their roles and the dealerships to reduce turnover.

Dealers Resource Center has assisted numerous dealerships throughout the hiring process as well as many individual candidates find great jobs within the automotive industry.

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How We Do It


  • 1st Phase: Provide Job Description

We rely on a carefully written questionnaire so we can determine what your expectations and needs are. Your responses will shape the job description we provide and the skill sets we need to look for.

  • 2nd Phase: Advertising

We rely on a variety of online media outlets, industry-related publications, and traditional methods to reach out to qualified candidates.

  • 3rd Phase: Screening Interviews

Our team members speak with candidates via phone interviews to ensure that they are a match for your employment needs.

  • 4th Phase: person Interviews

After we have narrowed the field to a specific group of candidates that seem to be a good fit for you, we move to in-person interviews with our team of professionals with an eye toward narrowing the field to three to five candidates.

  • 5th Phase: Background Checks

Once we’re satisfied that the candidates we’ve chosen are the best fit for you, we run background checks that include—at least-a credit report, criminal record checks, and prior-employment reference check.

  • 6th Phase: Client Interviews

After we have narrowed down the pool, we typically present three to five candidates for you to interview at your convenience.

  • Employment & Salary Offer

If requested, we are available to help negotiate terms of employment, such as salary and benefits.

 Since recruiting and HR compliance often go hand in hand, be sure and stop off at our HR compliance services page and see how we can help you with HR Compliance audits!