Management by Strengths or MBS is a team building program helping companies not only hire the right people for the right positions, but also determine an employee’s strengths and weaknesses to help facilitate a cohesive working environment.

Dealers Resource Center is a strong endorser of the program and has seen firsthand how it helps improve not only the business but also opens the line of communications.

Bring Management By Strengths To Your Dealership

We’re Covering The Cost!
Value: $33 per Associate ($3,300 for an average size Dealership)

Thank you for your interest in Management By Strengths aka MBS. It really has made a difference in the effectiveness of our own team at Dealers Resource Center. That’s why we’re offering this Dealership Team Assessment at NO cost to you – so that you and your team can enjoy greater success. Simply fill out the fields and hit Submit. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you to get started. We look forward to meeting you!

Bring Management By Strengths To Your Dealership Deric and Mike

MBS Puts the right people in the right positions

Lee Kalamitsiotis, President Emeritus, used the program more than 20 years ago and the value of MBS continues today. Lee’s sons, Deric and Michael, recognize the value.

“We make sure that we have the right people in the right positions and that our Managers are able to communicate with the people,” President Deric Kalamitsiotis said. “We take that same structure with MBS, and can analyze an entire dealership or agency, providing assessments for your whole staff. In addition, we will come in and show you each person’s best communication styles so that the teams can best communicate.”

“We use it for our own company as an assessment tool to best understand people who were applying in specific roles,” Deric said. “MBS was the best way to understand how to communicate with them effectively.”

Get tremendous insights for management

One of the features of MBS is an assessment of all employees, which offers tremendous insights to management. Dealers Resource Center recently did an extensive evaluation of all its employees and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Because of this, we can tell you with confidence that MBS is one of the best tools we’ve found to help our employees and business succeed. 

“After our assessment, we now have posted in each person’s office, a board that shows each person’s colors – red, blue, green, yellow. Based on that color, you know how to most effectively communicate with that person, and understand how that person will perceive what you’re saying,” Deric explained.

“For example, some people that might be a red get right to the point where they don’t need a lot of filler, just give them a couple of options and move on.” Deric said. “But if someone who is assessed as a blue color, for instance, they want more options and they also want to make sure when they look at the options, they want to they want to assess them to make the right decision.”

Bring the power of Management By Strengths to YOUR Dealership or Agency

Relationships within an automotive franchise are one of the most important factors for success.

Communicating with a co-worker leads to better productivity and better understanding. Most importantly, it lowers frustration between a Manager and an Employee.

The Kalamitsiotis family was extremely impressed after seeing MBS used with Hendricks Motorsports. Used by a billion-dollar company with many egos in the room, Hendricks used the program effectively opening the lines of communication between star drivers and their crew chiefs – not an easy task in a high-pressured company where mistakes can be seen by millions of viewers and fans every week!

Deric says setting up a program for a dealership is straightforward with the help of Dealers Resource Center.

“It takes just a couple of days to set up access and logins. We go in and set up some profiles for the company that we’re assessing, and we make sure that you have your own portal set up.” Kalamitsiotis said. “After that, we will then facilitate meetings, where we’ll come in and bring the team into a conference room and go through each person’s MBS assessment. We’ll also hand out materials and work with each team within a dealership.”

Relationships within an automotive franchise are one of the most important factors for success.

“MBS definitively opens up the lines of communication, no matter what type of company it is.” Kalamitsiotis says.

To bring the power of MBS to YOUR Dealership or Agency, simply contact us. We’ll set up a time to talk.
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