Dealership Compliance

The Extra Layer Of Protection You Need

The laws surrounding the automotive sales industry can be complex and are constantly changing. And the penalties for violating them are stiff. So, risk management is not something you want to leave to chance when a single offense could cost you more than just money.  

Good news! You are not alone. DRC can help with automotive dealership compliance before the worst happens! With our Dealers Resource Center Business Solutions division, we can be the extra layer of protection you need to keep you confidently running smoothly, knowing you are fully compliant. 


Dealer Automotive Compliance is a broad term – a catch-all phrase for all the laws and regulatory statutes unique to your service area.  We help with automotive dealership compliance by ensuring that you and your employees are following all federal, state and local laws, plus any industry regulations. It affects all aspects of your automotive business—buying, selling, financing, insuring, advertising, all record keeping, and your communications with customers, including those conducted through texts and email.


We’ve all encountered Compliance-in-a-box programs and we know that the old saying, One Size Fits All, truly does not apply to automotive compliance. We’ll access your needs and come up with a plan that addresses your most pressing challenges, while working to keep you out of regulatory trouble in the future. Call DRC and let us  help with automotive dealership compliance today! 


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Some violations can cost you your dealership or even land you in jail. Others can bring fines and affect your reputation. For example:

  • Failing to spot identity theft in action
  • Neglecting to report a major cash transaction
  • Repeatedly contacting potential customers who are on the No Call List

All the non-compliance examples mentioned above come with serious consequences. And the list of regulations goes far beyond what we’ve mentioned here! (We haven’t even mentioned OSHA!) All of these examples are easily avoided if you stay on top of regulatory changes as they occur.  But with your already full, plate how can you manage it?

One of the services we provide in Dealers Resource Center Business Solutions addresses Automotive Compliance. We’ll make sure your salespeople and staff are properly trained, and that is key to protecting the business you’re working so hard to build.

We offer access to the best Dealer Compliance Training available. And we’ll keep you and your team up to date on any changes in the regulations. You, your salesforce and staff will be the best-informed team in your area.

If Compliance has been a concern to you, let us help. Our team has more than 100 years of experience in the automotive industry; we know the rules and can keep you protected, informed and stress-free. Give us a call today and let’s talk.

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