Purchasing an automotive dealership as well as Divesting are not painless procedures. There are a ton of moving parts to becoming an owner as well as divesting in a store.  And there is a plethora of issues for an individual or a company to get all their processes in place.

 DRC has many years of experience in assisting in this process. President Deric Kalamitsiotis worked for Asbury Automotive Group, a national automotive company, for a number of years where he oversaw 11 Acquisitions and nine stores that needed help with Divesting. Because of this Dealers Resource Center is in a a great position to help with dealership aquisitions and divesting.

We have a background in dealer acquisitions

“We have a background in dealer acquisitions and that means the purchasing of dealerships,” Kalamitsiotis said. “We’re able to help with dealership acquisitions  by setting up the acquisition, setting up the bank agreements, the forms for lenders, product providers, accounting, accounting standards, F&I menus, CRM conversions, really anything along those lines.”

One of the other key factors is funding. Kalamitsiotis recognizes just how important the issue is.

“At DRC, we have funding set up through several banks,” Deric says. “This gives us the ability to assist in the purchase of a new dealership. We are always looking for small to medium size stores with purchase opportunities that we can assist them with.”

Attention to Details

Paying attention to the small details is something Dealers Resource Center prides itself on as well. When we help with dealership acquisitions and divesting, we are laser focused on ensuring that our client has a satisfying outcome. 

“We recognize that there will be changes made to the staff, but we also do what we can to retain current staff as well,” Kalamitsiotis says. “All dealership acquisitions come with process changes and we recognize this and can assist with that.

Kalamitsiotis knows that the market can shift anytime and right now, it is a Buy/Sell market. His experience – along with that of his brother, Michael, the VP of Operations – is extremely valuable to individuals and businesses.