Same Day CC Payment

Authorized claims are paid within 30 minutes

Same Day Credit Card payments have become integral to the automotive industry. Like all businesses, dealerships across the country want to be paid as quickly as possible. Time is money. Dealers Resource Center has an exceptional system in place to assist automotive dealerships.

It may seem like a complicated process, but Vice President of Operations, Mike Kalamitsiotis, explained that the practice is not that difficult when Dealers Resource Center is involved.

Get Paid as quickly as possible

“Authorized claims are paid within 30 minutes of receiving the final signed repair order, within regular business hours, to the shop that did the repairs,” Kalamitsiotis said. “Most other providers will either send a check or it’s going to be 24 to 48 hours before the shop receives payment.”

It is an amazing accomplishment when you consider that Dealers Resource Center can pay a claim in 30 minutes compared to the standard industry of over 24 hours. It is also a huge factor for franchise dealers who are working on their Profit and Loss account for their month-end.

beneficial to dealerships

“It’s beneficial to dealerships,” Kalamitsiotis explained. “Here’s an example: if it’s on the 29th of the month and you want to get that money to hit the books before the month ends, we’ll make sure that money hits the books, so you can show it on your P&L for that month.”

It also helps the dealers’ clients.

“Customers do not have to wait as long in the store if the dealership decides they won’t release the vehicle to the customer until they receive payment,” Kalamitsiotis says. “So, you won’t hear about it from your customer.”

Dealers Resource Center recognizes that satisfied customers are what all dealerships strive for. Dealers Resource Center is thrilled to be part of that successful process.