DRC’s Deric and Michael Kalamitsiotis discuss how they help new dealerships.

Deric Kalamitsiotis
A standard kickoff. When we come in to set up a new store dealership sign up. We want to do the most thorough process possible and not disrupt the store’s day to day operations and make sure that we touch every person in the store that is involved in our product now, next month or five years from now. So we make sure that we come in and do training with all management staff, F & I managers, and then we also handle objection handling and one on one training with dealerships to make sure that they understand how our product best suits their customers needs and where that missed opportunity is.

Michael Kalamitsiotis
My main focus. When I go into service stores, I go to the service department and I train the service writers and service managers on our product, our claims process. We also go over the parts and labor, what we pay on parts and labor, as well as what their labor rate is, to make sure that we’re all on the same page. I also touch base on our ability to deliver parts at a reasonable amount of time and the warranties that come with those parts so the customer is protected as well as the dealership moving forward.