DRC’s Deric and Michael discuss how they work with dealerships

Michael Kalamitiotis
My name is Michael Kalamitiotis, vice president of operations here at Dealers Resource Center. I was the company for about eight and a half years. Oversee all operations at the administration office, including claims, cancellation processes, loss ratio, summaries, all reporting, etc.

Deric Kalamitiotis
Michael handles more than that. He handles all of our system integrations where we are capable of integrating with any DMs or CRM system out there to make the selling process for your end consumer as flawless as possible. That also includes digitally receiving the contract so we have that enforce on day one when it’s sold. As for me, I’m in the field working with our dealerships in the 45 states. That includes our general agents, our internal agents that are servicing agents and any dealership or dealership partner that has questions, concerns or allowing me to come in and show how our program can increase profitability through the F&I office missed opportunity as well as the participation programs that our stores are eligible for.