What’s going on at Dealers Resource Center in August 2022:

Let’s talk about the best kind of long-term, exclusionary coverage!

Hey, everybody. Deric Kalamitsiotis here with Dealers Resource Center.

Natalie, Mike and I are traveling up in the northeast today over this week and hit some of our newer high line stores and hearing good things about the product. Because we go such long terms with exclusionary up to $216,000, and we provide some of the longest terms in the industry as far as a three year 60,000 or a three year, 80,000 miles plan. There’s all kinds of different great options. It’s actually 1.5 million rows in excel.

Love to talk to you about it. If you’re interested–up in the northeast or anywhere in the nation, give me a call – Deric Kalamitsiotis 314-681-6157. Talk to you soon.