When the discussion of car features happens, more often than not, you will hear, “Oh I want heated seats! And seats that cool you down too!” It might sound funny, but the reality is that it’s the most requested car feature out there. In addition, there are many additional car features that are available to drivers that are for luxury but also and perhaps more importantly, for safety.

Many people do not realize that there is a plethora of features just for safety alone. They include but are not limited to items such as LED accent headlights, blind-spot monitoring which alerts drivers with a sound or a vibration that a car is in their blind-spot.

Other safety features with similar alerts include lane changing warnings and front and rear-parking sensors.
Of course, there are many other features for the driver that don’t necessarily relate to safety but are still wanted by the consumer. These include Apple car-play as well as Android play, all-wheel and four-wheel drive which may fall under safety features as well.

Other important non-safety features include things as power front passenger seats and the ever-important memory driver’s seat which is another item in high demand.


Some of these features such as leather or heated seats do in fact sound luxurious but so many of them are for safety and may play a key factor as to whether you’re able to avoid being in an accident.
Consumers will always ask themselves these questions.

  • Can I afford car features?
  • Will these keep me safer on the road?

Are they really a necessity?

The answers may be a mixed bag. Depending on your individual situation, prices will vary on each feature you get. Sometimes, features are already built into the price of the car so the final transaction will determine your comfort level.

That said, it goes with conventional thinking that the more features you have for your safety, the safer you will be on the road. And if you’re taking care of yourself and other drivers that are out on the road, you might as well treat yourself to as many as the luxury features that you can afford.

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