Vicky Migos: Future Of The Automotive World

Vicky Migos: Future Of The Automotive World

Vicky Migos - Boston - Dealers Resource CenterBased out of Boston, Agent Vicky Margos joined Dealers Resource Center recently being responsible for the Northeast territory. She sat down with us to share her work experiences and what she expects the future looks like in the Automotive world.

Dealers Resource Center: So, how long have you been with DRC and what did you do before you joined us?

Vicky Migos: I have only been with DRC for a few months now. I was working for Dealer Tire on the back-end products for Toyota and Lexus. I was selling the tires but also other products. I was with them for about three years and then prior to that I was with Cal Tech’s Protective Coatings, and I was with them for almost five years.

Dealers Resource Center: What attracted you to DRC and what was the compelling reason for coming over?

Vicky Migos: I wanted to be on the front end again, to be honest with you. I’ve been in the automotive world for 10 plus years and grew my business through the front end, with VPs of companies and people like that. Honestly, I just love working with people towards the front end and training them on the back end. It is a little bit more difficult because I don’t think anybody likes going in and telling them what to do, but it’s just not my style. I want to build the relationships.

Dealers Resource Center: So, what is an average day and week for you now at DRC?

Vicky Migos: So, my territory is a little different. It’s not a built-up territory, so I got hired to get business for them. So right now, any of the relationships I have built, I’m just letting them know, this is what I’m doing. That is how I’m getting appointments. I started off with emails introductions, and then now I’m heading into dealerships, sitting down with them, showing them what we have to offer, how we can make them money, while saving their customers money. It’s just hitting the accounts and getting appointments. I’ve already been able to sign up one group and I’m working on four other groups right now.

Dealers Resource Center: What falls under your territory?

Vicky Migos: I’m covering for the Northeast. I’m starting off with Massachusetts, New Hampshire and I’m working my way through Vermont. We will be adding more territories, but Massachusetts and New Hampshire alone are a huge territory.

Dealers-Recourse-Center-26th-Anniversary-LogoDealers Resource Center: What do you see as some of the biggest growth opportunities? For both yourself and DRC?

Vicky Migos: I am very self-motivated and very competitive, and I’d like to see what I can do for the company. I’m pushing it as much as I can, and I want to see the company grow. My goal is to sign at least 50 stores by August. I set myself a lot of short term and long-term goals. DRC Admin is going to be growing tremendously just because the dealerships are looking to add something new to their menus as well.

Dealers Resource Center: What were some of the challenges from in the Automotive world last year due to the pandemic and what are you hoping to see for the remainder of 2022?

Vicky Migos: The thing that I saw last year and the year before is obviously we were trying to work from home. Trying to maintain relationships and trying to help them grow their business via email, via phone via text, fire signals, whatever. Currently they can pay attention to you. But now the biggest challenges for dealerships are not getting inventory. I was at a dealership recently where they told me they have 215 cars sold that are not even at the dealership yet. They have a lot more used vehicles with higher mileage but what they are currently using doesn’t go as far and that’s why DRC Admin is just going to take off.

Vicky Migos - Boston - Dealers Resource Center

Vicky Migos

Director of Business Development