Agent Summit Conference 2023

Are you a General Agent in the Automotive Industry?

If so, the team from Dealers Resource Center wants to meet you at the

Agent Summit Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas,
May 7-10!

Contact us below and set up a meeting!

The Agent Summit Conference is the only event in the industry created by agents for agents. It is for the hard-working professionals who drive the success of our shared industry. People from all over the country attend this event every year. This is not just a place to learn about marketing techniques and how to close the sale; it’s a great opportunity to network with other agents.

Our President, Deric Kalamitsiotis, and our new Vice President of Business, Kristin Schultz, will be in attendance. Our team looks forward to meeting with others in our field to discuss our shared challenges and talk about strategies we are using to complish our goals.

The DRC team is also excited to share the news about our Business Solutions programs, designed to help agents and dealerships succeed in every aspect of the business—from the front desk to HR to employee training. We offer a suite of services and programs and are adding to them all the time.
If you haven’t already registered on the Agent Summit website, don’t wait. These events fill up fast!

If you’d like to join us or arrange a private meeting, drop us a line below or Call us! We’ll get back to you with the details!

The Dealers Resource Team Attending Conference:

Dealers Resource Center Deric Kalamitsiotis

Deric Kalamitsiotis


 We look forward to being a part of this conference. And we’d like to meet with you to discuss what’s working and what isn’t. If you’d like to chat about our common passion for customer service and how we can all help one another, contact us through the form below.

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DRC-Agent Summit Kristin

Join Dealers Resource Center, May 7th thru the 10th, at the 2023 Agent Summit Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and meet our new Vice President of Business, Kristin Schultz.

Kristin would love to connect with other automotive sales industry professionals about our shared challenges and ways we can help one another succeed. Be sure and ask Kristin about our Business Solutions programs!

Call Kristin to set up a time to chat at 269-332-4102. See you in Las Vegas!

DRC-Agent Summit Deric
Dealers Resource Center will be attending the 2023 Agent Summit Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, May 7th thru 10th. This is on our short list of “don’t miss” conferences each year, because of the great relationships we form with top agents.

Our President, Deric Kalamitsiotis, looks forward to talking with peers about ways we can help each other meet our goals so that we succeed in the highly competitive field of automotive sales and services.

Call or Text Deric to schedule a time to chat: 314-681-6157. See you in Las Vegas!

DRC-Agent Summit Deric and Kristin

Agent Summit Conference 2023 is almost here! Are you ready to expand your network and make some new connections? So are we and we’d love to meet you. Call or Text the Team from Dealers Resouce Center at this year’s Agent Summit in Las Vegas, May 7th thru 10th and let’s talk. Our President, Deric Kalamitsiotis, will be in attendance, along with Kristen Schultz, Vice President of Business.

Our industry is rapidly evolving and keeping ahead of the curve is what we do best. We have the tools and resources to help you achieve your 2023 goals. There’s still time.

To meet in Las Vegas, Call Or Text Deric: 314-681-6157

DRC Agent Summit-eric-kristen

Agent Summit Conference hits Las Vegas May 7th thru 10th. Are you going? Better yet, do you have an objective for attending this year? Perhaps you want to discover the next big product that can turn your sales year on its ear.

Or you’re looking for a great training program for F&I departments. At Dealers Resource Center, we can check both of those objectives off your list. Attending this year is our President, Deric Kalamitsiotis, along with our new Vice President of Business, Kristen Schultz.

We love to network and our calendars fill up fast, but we can still make time to meet you in Las Vegas!

Call or Text Deric: 314-681-6157

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